A Quick how to wordpress

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our blog. This is just a very quick ‘how to’ lots more help is available from WordPress: faq.wordpress.com

What is a blog?

How to blog Video


First off there are two ways of looking at the blog. They might be thought of as front of house (site view) and backstage (dashboard view). Front looks prettier and back has more settings etc.

I prefer site view (front of stage) for most things and so I will describe how to work from there. To get to site view from any dashboard view click on the ‘visit site’ button up near the top, next to the name, in the light blue. To swap back use either ‘my dashboard’ in the bar at the top or ‘site admin’ down in the bottom right.

The front site view consists of a header (across the top) with the blog name; a picture and links to the static pages. The widget bar (down the right) this gives various ways of linking and finding particular posts e.g. by most recent or by who wrote them. The main frame (centre left) this displays either 1. a static page you are looking at (e.g. at the moment it has the how to wordpress stuff in it) 2. A post: an single article someone has written along with the comments on that article or 3. it will contain a list of posts e.g. the home screen which shows the more recent posts one after the other.

To add any content you will need to login there is a login link at the bottom right. (You can comment on any wordpress blog with this login)

Responding to a Post

The easiest way to add to the blog is through adding a comment. At the bottom of any post is a ‘leave a response box’ just type into the box and press submit.

Making a Post

To start a new topic, to add new content: images or other media or to make a typical blog type entry you need to create a new post.

To create a post:

if you are in site view, choose new post from the grey bar at the top ( if you have more than one blog you are contributing to this turns into a drop down and you can select which blog to post to).

if you are in dashboard view, choose ‘write’ from the bar under the title and then ‘post’ from the bar under that.

These two routes bring you to the same editor screen.

Give the post a title in the first box and then the main stuff goes in the second (big) box. You can type straight in and there are buttons for formatting and adding images video etc.

[if you are pasting stuff in use the paste buttons not a shortcut there is a special paste button for if you copied from word otherwise the formatting goes crazy. you can find these buttons by first clicking on the show/ hide kitchen sink button its the right most icon above the text panel.]

Before saving the post first choose a category for it in the box below the main editor, then click publish on the right hand side this will save the post to the site so everyone can see it.

I would suggest you start by making a new post introducing yourself, your interests, your ideas for next year, your background. Title it e.g. ‘about george’ and save it in the ‘about us’ category.

For any more help there is a help link at the top left of every dashboard page or ask me or email me.

If any one has a strong aversion to the look of the blog let me know. Especially if anyone has a different image they would like to see in the header. The curent one is part of a photo of an area down by dundee docks.



  1. the ‘how to’ video is kind of low quality, I think this is due to youtube, does anyone know if any other free video hosts are better?
    Or the best format to put a video in to put it on youtube.

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