Posted by: aidantw | August 27, 2008


Hey everyone. I’ve a couple of ideas/projects that I’m interested in and have been pursuing, albeit without much intended direction.

A book that I found very interesting was Jack Kerouac’s ‘The Dharma Bums’ which considers aspects of belonging through the eyes of a 50s vagabond. Essentially it’s all about being happy and belonging wherever you find yourself. Strong ties with nature and the condition of relationships are important throughout the book and the idea of safety is frequently brought up.

I’ve become the Scottish Ecological Design Association student rep, which sounds grander than it is as it’s a very small organisation. I’m hoping to popularise their design guides (, good stuff) and newsletters throughout the year and draw on their experience for ways in which ecological architecture can increase our connection to, and enjoyment of, space. Some of the members are more concerned with the science of eco architecture but I’m much more interested in the art of it. I hope to progress this throughout the year.

I’ve also bought a flat and have spent the last few weeks doing it up. Everything needs done and it’s a bit of a daunting project but I’ve been really enjoying making it mine. I’m finding this useful in terms of designing and close detailing as well as increasing my ownership of the space in the less literal sense.

The party’s at mine, I’ll let you know when….



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