Posted by: alexwilson219 | August 7, 2008

About me and possible ideas

Hi everyone

After a great break and a fantastic trip experiencing alot of what America and Canada has to offer Im excited to be back in scotland.

Im quite interested in exploring the idea of space without space or physical boundaries after reading a book called “City of Bits” by William J Mitchell. It was about the way in which the internet and technology has has created a city within a city, with its own infrastructure and communications system. 

I believe there is maybe a possibility of me maybe linking this to my further studies for the year and the summer with unclaimed space being everywhere in this virtual world. currently Im toying with the idea of purchasing land in second life or claiming a piece of space on google earth and taking the opportunity to design a dwelling/structure or community within this environment which would exist in the virtual world but not in the physical world.

All feed back would be more than welcome.



  1. I read City of Bits and found it quite interesting, it is also interesting to note how few ‘laws’ there are in the internet world, although these are growing as governments suddenly panic over how little control they have over it.

  2. hey, sounds good.

    graham cruikshank did a talk a little while ago on technology and architecture, it might be worth consulting with him…

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