Posted by: wezzers84 | August 2, 2008

Ard Macha

As a starting point for my ideas i have begun reading into the history of my home town, Armagh.  Just as introduction i am uploading some images to begin with.  It is technically classified as a city but is actually quite small (with a population of approx 15,000).  Its significance therefore has been the focus of my research as i wished to understand the reasons behind the quality of architecture it exhibits.  In particular it demonstrates an exemplary compilation of georgian stone buildings, although they appear more disjointed in fashion than that of major cities of the era (e.g. Bath).

The relationships between some of the buildings fascinate me due to the mix of landscaping strategies imposed with classic precision juxtaposed against a strategy of medeival anarchy.  Without going into too much detail at this stage i will highlight the areas which have most interested me.
1) The dialogue between the two cathedrals, defining the skyline and competing for dominance.
2) The community within the town/city and the degree of secularisation which impacts upon the way they experience it.
3) The perception of spaces and places such as; the old Gaol, the police station, the barracks and whether negative or positive architecture exists in the city.
To compliment this research i have been looking for space/places and beginning with photographing them to come back and study later, my favourite of which has been a quarry, interesting due to the aggresion at day and solace at night, a kind of schizophrenia it possesses.  


  1. hey Wez,

    I really like the last photograph of your post: the way its seen through the fence and is rather dark and eerie! I hope you’re taking plenty more like this!

    Unfortunately I haven’t been to Berlin yet to take any good pictures but my Mum has been posting me postcards that she finds.

    Kenny Dick did his thesis in fourth year on architecture and authority, so he may have something useful for you.

    hopefully you won’t disappear, but if you do i’ll spread the work and we’ll bail you out!


  2. HI wez,

    there is a brand new jiscmail list which may interest you. I subscribe to a couple of these email newsletters, they can be interesting or they can just fill up you email with junk. It might be worth a try though.

    CITY-FAITH-FORUM developed from AAG sessions in Boston, forthcoming conferences in UK and The Netherlands on the postsecular city and the EU-7FP FACIT project. The list facilitates academic discussion of the relationship between urban change and religion, with attention to the following themes: (1) geographies of secularization and the postsecular; (2) significance of faith-based organizations in urban policy and planning; and (3) implications of religion for urban politics and urban social cohesion. We encourage critical academic inquiry and do not advocate or favour any religious, theological or faith-based orientation.

    If you would like to join us please visit:, click on “Join or Leave CITY-FAITH-FORUM” and add your details online.

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