Posted by: cjbrander | May 28, 2008


I have ordered some books to take with me to Nepal for the summer. I leave on Tuesday and will be back working on this the 11th of August. Marc Auge, non-places: introduction to an anthropology of supermodernity particularly interests me and might give me a direction for my project. His idea of Non-space as supermarkets, hotels, cinemas, tv.etc this is also very similar to Rem’s notion of ‘Junkspace’ i think.

i want to look at the idea of a blank canvas in a 3rd world country and start a town or city a fresh. the idea of building a concept of a town or city around Auge’s concept of ‘Space’ without the non-spaces. A pure functional space series of spaces. Then maybe non-space can come from it later. followed by another wave of ‘space’ once growth is required. Lots of various studys i could do and ideas i have.

Anyway i guess the main bit of help i was looking for now was wether anyone has any ideas if my summer project should be a unused space in Nepal or India or Aberdeen/Dundee in the three weeks at the end of the summer?

on a lighter note I am going to enjoy reading ’69 things to do with a dead princess’ because apparently it entales a lad called Calum wanting to kill himself in Aberdeen. Lets hope it doesn’t rub off! Books i will be reading this first part of the summer – k.Lynch image of the city, 69 things … , Rowe Collage city. Marc Auge, non places…




  1. Hi Calum,

    Im not sure about your premise because I think you will find that third world countries are no more ‘blank’ than the old world. Except that possibly they may be more so for you as an outsider.

    If you are interested in the difference I would suggest you use the summer project to explore these differences. So you might take two spaces although this might spread you too thin. Or maybe take the nepal case and contrast it against the work of your classmates. I’m not sure.

    Wherever you select your unclaimed space you need to think about what you mean by ‘blank’ space.

    In group someone suggested you would have to look off the planet to find ‘blank’ space although the moon is certainly discounted it is claimed, occupied, sensationalised, commemorated etc.

    Anyone else have any opinions?

    good luck with your travels,

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